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The cohesive curriculum includes a new design-thinking course, intense “design sprints,” and an expanded pool of lecturers with deep work and teaching experience in design thinking. The updates replace the pioneering “Problem Finding, Problem Solving” course developed by Haas Teaching Professor Sara Beckman and Lecturer Clark Kellogg, which students have often cited as giving them the edge over other schools in case challenges and other competitions.

“The [design-thinking] field has grown, evolved, and normalized,” says Kellogg, co-developer of Haas’ new design-thinking class with Lecturer Dave Rochlin, BS 85. “It felt like an important moment to create a course that’s about today’s practices and non-traditional ways of problem solving.”

Scenes from Haas’ new Fundamentals of Design Thinking class, held in Haas’ Innovation Lab.

Lecturer Dave Rochlin, BS 85, co-developer of Haas’ new design-thinking class

We are creating a common language, methodology, and Haas framework that aligns with the design thinking processes used extensively in industry. The mindset, tools, and methods will help Haas students tackle the ambiguous and open-ended challenges that characterize post-MBA work.

Lecturer Dave Rochlin, BS 85, co-developer of Haas’ new design-thinking class

Lecturer Clark Kellogg, co-developer of Haas’ new design-thinking class

This course is about when and how thinking differently is useful and, importantly, when it’s not useful.

Lecturer Clark Kellogg, co-developer of Haas’ new design-thinking class


Business education is increasingly focused on bridging disciplines, which Haas continues to do with great success. Here, a look at how we are preparing future business leaders.


Students earn degrees from Haas and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, learning to combine scientific inquiry with entrepreneurship.

Global Management Program
Freshmen study abroad in London their first semester and combine cultural immersion opportunities with business classes to earn a BS with a concentration in global management.

Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (M.E.T.)
Students are accepted into Haas as freshmen and earn both business and engineering degrees.


Prepares students to become leaders in technological innovation in any industry. No extra time is needed to complete the degree.

A partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health that prepares students for senior positions in numerous health-related industries, including care delivery, insurance, biotech, consulting, pharmaceuticals, and social impact.

A four-year program offering a solid foundation in both management and law (through Berkeley Law or UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco).

Amy Fan, MBA/MPH 19

I wanted to pursue business school to apply my passions in consumer insights and psychology to healthcare, an area where a user-centric approach is often forgotten.” Fan co-founded Twentyeight Health to change the face of healthcare for women, aiming to make birth control free for all and to create a “digital reproductive healthcare companion to support women through all stages of their lives.” 

Amy Fan, MBA/MPH 19


Haas is working on an MBA in environmental management with the College of Natural Resources and an online Evening & Weekend MBA with Public Health.